Remember Lot's Wife - Now Just A Pillar of Salt

A Pillar of Salt

Many people know what happened to Lot's wife when she wanted to be "worldly" and go back to Sodom.  Yes, she turned into a pillar of salt.  That was God's reward to her for her worldliness and wicked disobedience.  Strangely, most so-called Christian women (and men) today have little fear of repeating the same error that Lot's wife committed: the sin of being worldly minded.   We are truly in the Laodicean Age of The Apostasy.

The reason that Lot's wife turned back to Sodom, was that she was a lost woman, and saw only the material -- only the hear-and-now.  Her mind was not on God, her sinfulness, or on the things of Eternity.  She therefore was not afraid of God, because God was not in her thoughts.  It was the physical, the sensual, the emotional pleasures of this world that she was after.  She wanted sin, not God.

I have noticed that many preacher's wives have this very same mindset, (not all, thank God!)  Their mental state is, for all practical purposes, no different from that of Lot's wife.  They love the world, the flesh and the Devil -- not God.

Now, why would such a preacher's (or deacon's) wife be in love with "the world, the flesh, and the Devil", and not be in love with God?  Well, unless that woman has become very backslidden and lost her first love,  the real problem is that she is a lost  woman: just like Lot's wife.  Although she might have a great position in her church, she is very much on the road to a Devil's Hell.

You see, Lot's wife's body turned into a pillar of salt.  Her soul, however, dropped down into the flames of Hell.  She is still there today, burning there, night and day, without any hope of ever going to Heaven.  Lot's wife was very foolish indeed for caring only for the things of this world, and not for the things of God.

Lot's wife is probably a bit like yourself.  You rarely if ever think about Eternity, about God, about the wickedness of your sins before an Almightily God, about the coming Judgment by God for your sins, -- when you will be cast down into Hell to burn there forever.  You are not thinking about holiness.  No, it is sin you are speeding after.  Yes, you are very much like Lot's wife in this way.

There is an alternative to going to Hell as punishment by God for your sins.  You can come to Jesus so that Jesus will wash away your sins with His own blood, the blood He shed on the Cross 2,000 years ago.

Jesus is up in Heaven now, waiting for you to come to Him and trust Him to pay for your sins.  Why not trust Jesus today and get ready for Heaven?  Why not escape from a future in the flames of Hell?  Trust Jesus and you will never regret it, either in this life, or in all Eternity.  Trust Jesus today!